Humphries drafted to Geelong Cats

Posted by: | Posted on: November 21, 2023

Swan Districts Football Club wingman Lawson Humphries has been drafted to the AFL by the Geelong Cats.


🏈 Swan Districts Football Club

📉 Off-season sprint training

Jan 27, 2023


Wk 1: 4.25

Wk 2: 4.10

Wk 3: 4.06

Wk 4: 4.01

Wk 5: 3.80


Wk 1: 7.80

Wk 2: 7.73

Wk 3: 7.62

Wk 4: 7.53

Wk 5: 7.23

📖"My first ever Pro race win was the 1989 Port Hedland Gift. I won $2500 & a gold coin (worth $500). 2nd & 3rd place were two indigenous boys trained by Ross Humphries (Lawson's Dad). He must have been dark with me for all these years. Today, I'm glad I had the privilege of training his son" - Coach Paul Edmiston.

Oct 6, 2023

📖Hey Paul, I just thought I'd flick a message saying cheers for those sessions early this year. I had a really good year of footy, and a lot of that was the newfound confidence in my running and, in particular, my sprinting. There are a few boys from swans (3-5) who are keen, and I'd be keen to do some sessions again. Was wondering how your availability is over the next couple of months. Hope you're well and will hear from you soon - Lawson Humphries.

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