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Explosive Take Off

Training program designed to rapidly improve your sprint take off and acceleration for any sports.

Sprints 3 Days Per Week

Something different on each day to improve your overall sprinting speed from the 100m-400m distance.

6 Week Sprinting Fast Program

To enhance your speed and power over the long term in the sprints from the 100m-400m distance.

6 Week Gym Strength for Sprints

Designed specifically for the beginner lifter who is ready to take their sprints to the next level.

6 Week Gym Strength for Sprints - ADVANCED

Time-tested program with more explosive power and maximum gains will compliment the sprints program for the longer term.

Sprinting Fast ULTIMATE

THE DOUBLE EDGED SWORD! For the very serious athlete here is both the 6 week sprinting & advanced gym program combined together for maximum proven results.

📝You can purchase one or more of the WRITTEN EXCEL programs above to suit your needs. It will be sent to you via EMAIL within 48hrs. 

Contact PAUL for private training (Perth), consultations and training modifications.